28 weeks and then some

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I realize it has been a long time since I updated. Somewhere between garden planting, finishing the baby's room, Relay for Life, and the million other projects we have going in the house right now blog updates just kept getting put off.

I'm currently 28 weeks 4 days and still having very few complaints. I passed my glucose tolerance test and the only problem found was slightly low iron levels which indicate that I have become very slightly anemic. They put me on a daily iron supplement and told me it is nothing to worry about. I have just started having some issues with my back, especially after a very active day but not too bad. Just the last weekend I have had some occasional swelling in my feet, but I think the combo of eating out about 4 times this weekend and being on me feet a lot is the cause of that, because it has been better the last 2 days. My biggest issue has been heartburn, no matter what I eat/drink anymore I get it tums has been my friend. Luckily its still not a huge issue. Sleep, I really like my sleep lately but getting comfortable is becoming more and more challenging, I am changing positions every half hour to hour at night lately and I think every other time I change positions I have to get up to pee. It makes for quite a restless night of sleeping. Last night I decided to try a different pillow set up with one under my hip, one wedged under my side/back, plus a body pillow for me to hug/go between my knees. The pillow under the hip was the new one. This actually seemed to help and allow me about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep before having to change positions which is definitely an accomplishment in my view.

My belly is steadily growing, and baby M is getting stronger every day. I have also over the last week or 2 started noticing hiccups once or twice a day. It was a really weird sensation at first because it is a lot gentler than the kicks and wiggles I get the rest of the day.  Pretty much any time I'm not active, baby is. Daron is loving being able to sit there and watch my belly move, and has started talking to the baby a lot more lately. Baby M has also taken to what I assume is a head down position most of the time because I can feel it kicking me in the ribs occasionally. Last night it kept stretching out and I'd get movement on the lower left and upper right at the same time.

I guess the big news is that Daron and I have been researching the idea of home birth. We attended an informational group meeting at a home birth midwifery practice. After lots and lots of research and discussion and the creation of a pro-con list, we have an initial consultation with one of the midwives on Thursday. So unless for some reason I get screened out we are now planning to birth at home. After the group meeting we both came out feeling like this was what we wanted and that this was most likely the right path for us. We still sat down and made a pro con list, but nothing on it made us change our minds. Our biggest reason for this is that we want to bring our baby into the most calm and welcoming environment possible and don't feel we can do that in the hospital. I fully realize things can change and may not go as planned but at least I tried. I'm sure I will have more on this topic in the future.

Right now I'm off to actually start moving some things into the baby's room!