Ultrasound Update

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We had our 2nd ultrasound on Monday and everything is looking good! We were able to hear a heartbeat at 157 beats per minute. We could also see arm and leg buds and the beginning of the spine. The Dr. said everything looked good and released us from the care of the clinic to the care of a regular OB. He also released us for sex since we heard a heartbeat.

On Tuesday we then went and had our 1st OB appointment which went really well, and so far we really like the OB we are seeing. It was basically just a meet and greet since we had just had an ultrasound the day before. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for February 15th. We will get an ultrasound and I will have some labs done. I will be 11 weeks and 4 days at that point so I'm sure it will be amazing to see how much our baby has grown!

And now what I am sure everyone really wants to see pictures!


Monday, January 9, 2012

We had our first ultrasound and saw 1 beautiful little baby! I am actually starting to believe now that I'm really pregnant. We could see its little heart beating away and yes I will admit seeing that little heartbeat brought tears to my eyes. The baby is measuring at 6weeks 1day which is 2 days behind but nothing to worry about at this stage. I have another ultrasound next Monday. I have really been feeling fine up until yesterday when I was queasy for most of the day, but hey I'll take it! The clinic normally keeps patients through week 11 however since they are out of network for our insurance they will release me next week as long as I can get an appointment scheduled for the last week in January with an OB and everything is looking good. If I can't get an appointment until the first week in February they see me one more time after next week. Anyway, for the first time I am actually going to post pictures on here, and hey being that I will be unemployed after this week, maybe I'll actually get around to posting some of those other photos I've been talking about as well!

Thats Life

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I have really been trying to trust where life is taking me lately, and so far it has turned out pretty good. I mean this cycle worked and I'm really pregnant. My 3rd Beta came back at 681 and my 4th at 1730. Daron and I are starting to get really excited. Our first ultrasound is next Monday, January 9th, we are both excited to get a look at this baby or babies and find out how many we have! We are also looking forward to the possibility of hearing a heartbeat when we go.

My Reiki healer told me I needed to practice being a magnet because I have think about the things I want and think good thoughts to things will be drawn to me and good things will come my way. In an odd sort of way I think its working. I definitely have to say that life works in mysterious ways. Since shortly after I started my job, working as a computer programmer for a small company that creates real estate tax software, I have hated it. I mean I love it because its flexible and close to home, and I really couldn't find an easier company to work for. I hate it though, I hate it because I don't like sitting at a computer all day, I don't like programming as a full time job. I planned on officially going part time once the baby/babies were born. It looks like that won't be an issue now because Jan. 14th is my last day due to the company running out of money and deciding to sell everything off instead of trying to keep it running.

I am actually looking at this as a good thing, like a kick in the butt saying "This isn't what you are supposed to be doing!" Now I just have to continue trusting that life will help point me in the right direction. There are so many things I have thought about doing, and I just know that something will fall into place. In the time being, I'm a little scared, I mean here we are just having spent thousands of dollars to get pregnant and now I'm completely out of a job, in debt and possibly pregnant with multiples. While I am thankful for everything that has happened and trying to trust that things are going to turn out OK, life really could have spread things out a little, it didn't have to change everything at once.

So I guess New Year, New Life, in more ways than one. Thats Life!