Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today is day 3 of stims. I really don't remember side effects this early last cycle. However this time around I already started with gonal-f migraines yesterday morning. Today I finally have it down to a dull ache. I am also having the hot flashes and stiff/sore neck earlier this time than last time. Hopefully its a good sign that I'm producing lots of follicles/eggs. My first monitoring ultrasound is on Friday and I really can't wait to see what is going on in there.

In other news, I got the dresser done that I was painting and it looks awesome! Now I just need one more coat of paint on the bathroom walls and to get the bathroom floor done. Hoping to get the 2nd coat of paint on the bathroom walls this evening. It would be really really nice to have a mirror and a sink in our bathroom again! I also finally got our family room cleaned up and looking presentable. Too bad it still needs the flooring and subflooring tore up since it smells like cat pee from prior owners having cats somewhere down the line.

We also got our Christmas tree up and some of our other decorations. Oh and Daron finally admitted he doesn't read my blog :). I knew I was right!

Baseline Ultrasound

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Baseline ultrasound went very well today. Family will probably have no idea what i'm talking about but some of the other people reading my blog will so I will give details anyway. My lining is currently at 5.4mm and I have 7 antral(resting) follicles on one side and "several" (10 or more) on the other side. They didn't call me to say my estrogen was way off so thats good. They said everything looks great! I will start Stims on Sunday Nov. 27th, and my first monitoring appointment will be on Friday Dec. 2nd.

I took my last Birth control pill last night and boy am I glad to be done with those! I have been told they have a really high estrogen content compared to the birth control pills people are usually put on for contraception purposes so that is probably why they turn me in a bit of a bitch :). I think Daron is glad I'm done with them!

In other news I got the first coat of paint on the bathroom this week! For those who don't know, our bathroom has been torn apart for over a month now. I am hoping to get the 2nd coat on this week. If Daron ends up with a long weekend for thanksgiving, we will hopefully attempt the floor this weekend. I also got a coat of paint on the dresser we got out of the garbage(I love it when I find good furniture in the garbage!). We also got new knobs to put on the drawers, overall the paint and the knobs only cost us about $20 so I think we did pretty good. When I either 1.quit being too lazy to do it or 2. talk Daron into doing it I will put up those long promised pictures, and yes I will catch up on all the pictures I have been promising.

Now just for the fun of it, Daron claims he reads my blog, however I call BS. I think he may be getting a quiz later to see if he really does or not :). All in good fun, I really do love him (Even if he doesn't read my blog)!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Ok, I'm finally going to quit being lazy and do a real post. I started lupron yesterday and so far it has been going just fine. The only issue is a bit of itching around the injection site which I had last cycle as well for the first few days. Really no big deal at all. My baseline ultrasound is on Monday and then I get to look forward to probably about a week off and then most likely monitoring ultrasounds every other day or so. I really don't have much to report this time around as I've already does this once and really nothing is changing for this cycle.

I do have to say I'm actually getting excited about this cycle now that I've started injections and I really can't wait to go in on Monday and see what my ovaries and uterus are looking like for this cycle. I am also really excited to start stims(gonal-f) this time around and see how I respond this time. What a world it is when I am excited to start injecting myself with hormones and have my private parts routinely invaded with an ultrasound probe :).

I have been doing acupuncture for almost a month now. It is very relaxing for me and I hope it is helping a little. I have to say it is quite the expensive habit though. I plan on continuing it throughout this cycle, but haven't yet decided if it is worthwhile in other ways that I want to continue it after that. If nothing else for this cycle it makes me take a half hour twice a week to just relax and clear my mind. Insurance will pay for half of it so I guess its not so bad.

I also tried Reiki earlier this month. Reiki is a type of energy work that balances you and opens your chakras(energy centers). I absolutely loved it! It was the most relaxing thing I have ever done and is something I would definitely like to continue. It is supposed to work kind of like acupuncture except without the needles. It is also supposed to be a great complement to acupuncture so I figure for now I will do both and hopefully things will improve faster.

From now on I will try not to be so lazy and update more often. I really want to start throwing some non IVF posts into the mix too but again the laziness is just so much easier!

Blog Template

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being that I'm a computer programmer, and one of the things I actually enjoy is web design I want to eventually design my own template for my blog but right now I'm just too lazy. For the time being I am implementing a downloaded template so bear with me while I work on getting everything working for it! I'll have a real update soon, but again, I've just been too lazy :).