32 weeks

Friday, July 27, 2012

I have become extremely bad at keeping my blog updated. Partly because I am busy with other stuff and partly because every time I think about writing a post lately it just seems like too much effort and too much time spent at the computer. The fact that sitting too long makes my back hurt probably contributes a good deal to that feeling.

Moving on though, I am now 32 weeks and still feeling pretty good. I am starting to have more issues sleeping and more issues with back pain though, and lately I just generally have problems staying comfortable for any longer than 20 minutes. Baby is taking up more and more room and at least a few times a day now(usually several), I can actually feel Baby when I run my hand over my belly.

Its been HOT this last week, but really it hasn't been too bad. I've been doing my things outside in the morning then working on things inside most of the day until it starts to cool off a little in the evening. If I do anything outside midday I'm usually only out for maybe 20 minutes or so before I take a break and go inside for awhile.

We are officially planning a home birth now and have had 2 appointments with the midwife. We have been very pleased with her and are very happy with our decision to switch from the OB. Baby is doing well and the midwife checked its position at our first appointment and found Baby to be head down, not surprising since I kept feeling like I had feet in my ribs. At our 2nd appointment with her the heartbeat was at 150bpm and baby's position was unable to be accurately determined but from movement perspective I'm pretty sure its still head down.


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