IVF # 1 Results

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Two week wait was torture, and it wasn't even a full two weeks, only 11 days. Daron and I were both going a little crazy by the end. Sadly I have to report that my blood test was negative and this IVF cycle didn't work. We go in for a consult with our doctor on Friday to talk about what went wrong and what we can do differently in a subsequent cycle to help make sure it works.

I am actually fairly certain that I had a chemical pregnancy(very very early miscarriage) as I tested with a home pregnancy test the Tuesday after transfer with a Negative test. For those of you who have minimal understanding of this process, the shot they give me to make me ovulate is HCG, which is also what a pregnancy test looks for. For this reason I was looking for a negative that Tuesday to make sure that trigger shot was out of my system. Wednesday I tested again and got a somewhat light but very definite positive. Thursday I tested and got an even lighter positive and Friday I tested and got a barely visible positive. Saturday's test was Negative. There is a chance that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the trigger shot but I have this gut feeling it was a chemical pregnancy.

The clinic can get us on their next cycle which is in December, so as long as our Dr. things it is worthwhile to try again that is what we are going to do. I believe we are better off than I originally thought we would be with our insurance right now. Hopefully we can also get better fertilization with a 2nd cycle and possibly have some embryos to freeze. I can't say I'm really looking forward to putting my body through this again, but in my opinion its better than taking time off when I know that we don't have even a slim chance of conceiving naturally.


Lora said...

I'm so sorry Sarah. It sucks getting a negative after an IVF. Hugs to you!

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