On to Cycle #2

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our WTF appointment went well. The Dr. thinks our major issue is sperm quality. The fact that we did have 2 good embryos though makes him think that a 2nd try is worth it. Since I responded well last cycle and nothing went wrong (other than me not being pregnant) everything will remain the same this cycle. The one thing that will be different is that we will be using something called assisted hatching, where they make a small opening in the "shell" of the embryo to allow it to hatch easier. I started birth control on Friday, start Lupron injections 11/17 and have a baseline ultrasound scheduled for 11/21. We are currently targeted for a December 9th retrieval.

I am also going to be trying acupuncture this cycle, as it is supposed to help improve IVF success rates. I hope that if nothing else it at least helps keep me relaxed.

The last week and particularly the last few days have been really hard on both Daron and I emotionally. It is really hard to get excited about putting ourselves through this again. We had so much hope for our last cycle and everything seemed perfect yet it still didn't work. I can't even start to explain all of the emotions we have both been feeling. It is hard to get our hopes up after this failure. I'm hoping once we get farther into the cycle things start to get better. I'm trying hard to stay positive, but I've never been the best at handling stress. I couldn't do this without Daron though, he helps me find strength when I think its not possible.


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