Egg Retrieval, Transfer and 2ww

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I thought it was time I should publish an update, since I haven't published anything since before my egg retrieval. They were able to retrieve 13 eggs from which were all viable and able to have ICSI performed on them! They only had to thaw 1 vial of sperm meaning we still have 5 left. So happy that they didn't lose too many during thaw and have to thaw another vial.

The fertilization report wasn't quite as good as we had hoped however by day 3 we were actually better off than we were last cycle. Only 3 of my eggs fertilized normally this time around, which is actually one less than last time so we were a bit disappointed. The good news is by day 3(Monday dec. 12th) when we went in for retrieval we still had 3 embryos, all of them had 8 cells and 1 was a grade A(perfect or near perfect) and 2 were grade B(some cell fragmentation but still looking good).

When they had called us previously with our fertilization report they had told us that they might be recommending we transfer all 3 of them. On Monday sure enough they recommended we transfer all 3 of them, based on both the # of embryos we had, their quality, and our previous failure/history and diagnosis. We decided to go ahead with this option based on both their recommendation and much prior discussion over the past few days. The chance of twins is increased quite a bit however the chance of triplets is still only about 2-5% for us. The doctor said the most likely scenario is that we will end up with just one though which is fine with me.

So I am currently PUPO(pregnant until proven otherwise) with Triplets. I am now 3 days past transfer and other than really sore boobs from the Trigger shot and/or progesterone I am feeling pretty good.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah, I found your blog through the IVF Buddies board on BBC. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

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