Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I know I've been slacking a little on the updates again, sorry about that. Friday was my first monitoring appointment and I had 17 follicles ranging from 10mm to 15mm. Yesterday was my 2nd monitoring appointment and I had about the same # of follicles now ranging from 11mm to 23mm. My uterine lining is 9.2mm. I actually saw my doctor for my ultrasound yesterday. It was kind of nice and he goes over things pretty well, however he is kind of hard to keep track of with follicle counts and sizes.

Today is my last day of the stim medications and tomorrow will be my last day of Lupron. My trigger will be tomorrow night and egg retrieval will be Friday. I am a little worried that my 2 lead follicles at 21 and 23 yesterday will be too big to have viable eggs by Friday, but I am trying not to worry too much. Plus I had a chat with them to tell them to slow down, while also telling that little 11mm one to speed up a little :).

I am completely ready for Friday to be here already as I am looking about 3 months pregnant and can't button my pants. That would be perfectly OK with me if it was due to a baby, but they are just eggs. Lets just say my belly is definitely past my boobs and that says quite a bit lol. Also feeling quite tender and I wouldn't really say it hurts, but I definitely feel a lot of discomfort in my ovaries when I walk.

In random other news, Daron is actually reading my blog now, so I guess that means I have to be careful what I say about him :).


Lora said...

Wishing you lots of luck with your retrieval tomorrow!!

Rebecca said...

GL with the retrieval. I asked my DR if follicles could be too large to have a viable egg and he said no as long as they are under 35. When I triggered most of my follicles were in the 26-28 range. I was worried too but everything turned out fine.

Sarah said...

Thanks Rebecca, that makes me feel a lot better, I was of the understanding that anything over 27 or so was no good for IVF. Hopefully that means I will have lots of good eggs retrieved!

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