Monday, January 9, 2012

We had our first ultrasound and saw 1 beautiful little baby! I am actually starting to believe now that I'm really pregnant. We could see its little heart beating away and yes I will admit seeing that little heartbeat brought tears to my eyes. The baby is measuring at 6weeks 1day which is 2 days behind but nothing to worry about at this stage. I have another ultrasound next Monday. I have really been feeling fine up until yesterday when I was queasy for most of the day, but hey I'll take it! The clinic normally keeps patients through week 11 however since they are out of network for our insurance they will release me next week as long as I can get an appointment scheduled for the last week in January with an OB and everything is looking good. If I can't get an appointment until the first week in February they see me one more time after next week. Anyway, for the first time I am actually going to post pictures on here, and hey being that I will be unemployed after this week, maybe I'll actually get around to posting some of those other photos I've been talking about as well!


mel7119 said...

Congrats! One hurdle of many marked off the list! :)

StacyLee said...

beautiful! Congrats!!!!

Jules said...

That is so awesome. I know you are soaking in every happy moment, and I'm so happy for you!

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