11 weeks

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I fully realize it has been quite a long time since I updated on here. Mostly its because I really haven't had anything new to report.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, as long as I make sure to choose at least semi-healthy food to eat and make sure I eat on a regular basis I feel great and don't even have a little bit of queasiness. I have been dealing with heartburn more often than before pregnancy but that one doesn't really bother me too much. Starting somewhere just before week 10, I started getting a really bad taste in my mouth, anytime I eat or drink anything. That has really been my most annoying symptom, so I will take it. I have been fighting it with an extra brushing or 2 during the day as well as citrus fruits, peppermints, and other hard candy. I haven't been needing an afternoon nap lately but that is probably more due to the fact that I have been sleeping a little later in the mornings, since I pretty much make my own hours at work right now.

My belly hasn't really gotten too much bigger, but it has shifted so I think I now have less bloat from swollen ovaries and more baby bloat/belly. I also lost a pound or 2 in the last couple weeks which also makes me think my ovaries might now be a somewhat more normal size. I am still up 1-2lbs from what I was when I started this IVF cycle so hopefully that is our baby and my uterus doing what they are supposed to and growing! I have been taking pictures since week 7 or 8 but while you can notice my belly shifting and changing a bit I haven't thought it dramatic enough to post yet, maybe after this week's photo I will post them. I did finally buy 2 pairs of maternity jeans, and am so glad I did, my belly had shifted enough that as well as using my bella band I was having to use a rubber band on my button in order to keep my normal pants from coming unzipped. So needless to say the maternity pants are amazingly comfortable. Now I just need to take the time to hem them since I'm so short and their so long.

In other news I found out at the beginning of this month that I am still employed through the end of the month! I can apply for unemployment on March 1st and hopefully find a few things on the side to earn a little money to supplement those unemployment checks. It will be around the time to be starting my seeds and start thinking about my garden then so I'm sure I will have plenty to keep me busy.

We picked out our color for the Baby room and have the first couple of coats on it, though it still needs another due to the crappy walls. I will be stenciling the walls, and we still need to replace a window, install new carpeting and paint the ceiling so we figured the way our projects usually go we had better start early. I also have a dresser to paint that will be going in there, though I haven't decided how to paint that yet.

We do have an OB appointment on Wednesday so I'm sure I will be doing another update sometime around then. We get another ultrasound so hopefully I will have more pictures to post! We can't wait to see how much our baby has grown and should be able to see our baby moving around now! They will also be doing a bunch of bloodwork and such to check some things with me that the Fertility clinic didn't check. Hopefully I have lots of good news!


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

This all sound like great news! Cant wait to see the bump pictures and the nursery! How exciting! Glad all is well!

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