16 Weeks and Other Stuff

Friday, March 16, 2012

Today marks 16 weeks. Oddly enough it is also the 16th of March. It was a somewhat bittersweet day as today also marks the 2 year anniversary of losing my dad to lung cancer. I know he wanted so badly to see the children Daron and I would have. I know he is still watching out for us though which makes me feel good, and I know while not in person, he will get to meet this grandchild. The only thing I wish is that this baby could meet him and learn a few of the many things he had to teach.

On a brighter note, things are going well and I have been feeling good. My belly is steadily growing and making this baby seem more and more real to me. Symptom wise I really don't have much right now, unless you count the slight waddle I have started to get as my stance gets wider to compensate for my shifting center of balance. My belly is also getting a lot fuzzier than it has ever been before, not sure how I feel about that one but I can't complain.

I got a bunch of used baby stuff from a friend last weekend, which is much appreciated since the getting pregnant part cost us $25,000. We are also coming along on the nursery and hopefully in a few weeks I will have some pictures of the walls. We still have a window and carpeting to replace, so we are nowhere near done, but the walls are almost there!

As a last note I am walking for Relay for life this year in honor of both my dad and grandfather and the many others I know who have fought cancer. If you would like to make a donation to us please visit the following link.



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