22 weeks

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow it seems really weird to be typing such a big number! I can't believe I am that far along already. We had an OB appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking good. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong and our Dr. found it pretty much as soon as he put the dopplar probe to my belly. Baby has also been very active lately and seems to have flip flopped to where it is now more active in the mornings and then around the time I go to bed. It is getting a lot stronger too, it even made the laptop move the other day when it kicked one time. We mentioned to our doctor that we are hiring a doula for our birth and he was perfectly OK with that and very supportive of the decision which made Daron and I very happy. We also brought up to him that we are considering delayed cord clamping and he said he is also glad to support us in that and when he has couples who want that he will usually just wait to clamp it until he feels it stop pulsing. He went into to his other birth practices a little more as well and Daron and I both left feeling really good about everything and like he will definitely help us to try and have the birth experience we want while also helping us to make informed decisions about anything that could come up.

In non-baby news we finally got the floor in our bathroom done, the toilet reinstalled and the vanity installed! I don't have pictures yet but I will post some in a future post. All of my started plants are growing really well and I am hoping for some steady weather soon so I can get some of my cool weather produce started outside in cold frames. I also got to spend a lot of time with my sister this last weekend due to the fact that she was without a car. While it wasn't due to the best of circumstances, I have to say that sometimes I forget how much I enjoy hanging out with her.

Sometime in the next month I need to actually attempt to find a dress to wear for both a friends wedding and my brother's wedding. I'm hoping that search goes pretty well, I think I actually have enjoyed shopping for maternity clothes more than I enjoy shopping for regular clothes.

I think that is about all for now, I'm starting to feel a little bad because Daron is working on picking up the house while I sit here on the computer. Guess I will go and help him.


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