I actually put clothes away...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The title of this post may not seem like something of importance, but I promise there is a point! Normally our clothes get washed and sit in laundry baskets for weeks before they finally get put away. I think we have even bought more laundry baskets so that we can go longer without putting those clean clothes away. I usually put them away when I am tired of digging through a basket to find that shirt I know is clean and I really want to wear but somehow is continuously elusive and takes 20 minutes to find. Yesterday I actually washed clothes and put them away the same day. I'm not used to this, actually being able to find clothes in my closet and dresser...that is amazing! I also went through the baby stuff I got from a friend and separated it into things that are gender neutral and we can definitely use, things that are definitely only able to be used if we have a girl and things like baby wash cloths where I don't really care if they are pink I will use them even if we have a boy. The things that will definitely get used I brought upstairs so that we know what we have so far, the other stuff I left in the container downstairs. In addition to that I also started organizing all the stuff in our family room.

We have 2 rooms in our house right now that are those rooms where things that don't have a place go and things that we don't feel like putting away and will get to later go. The family room is one of those. Yesterday I actually picked up and wrapped all the Christmas lights we were too lazy to put away in December/January, boxed the random Christmas things that never made it into bins and had Daron carry them all downstairs. We also had a pile of random empty boxes(because you never know when you need a box right?) in that room that I sorted only keeping that ones that were relatively small and would be useful for gifts or mailing things if need be. I broke down all the other ones and they are waiting to go out for recycle. I also combined the 4 boxes of candy that was back there and threw out the stuff that I think was from Easter last year.

None of this is like me. I normally just close the doors to those rooms and put it off for tomorrow(you know the one that is always another day away). So my conclusion based on all of this is that nesting is officially setting in for me. I'll take it since my house normally drives me crazy, I just can't ever seem to get the ambition to clean/organize those rooms I can shut the doors on.


Jules said...

Hey Sarah, I just gave you a One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog and check it out! http://heyjbn.blogspot.com/2012/05/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Mandy said...

Sounds like nesting to me!!

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