Baseline Ultrasound

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Baseline ultrasound went very well today. Family will probably have no idea what i'm talking about but some of the other people reading my blog will so I will give details anyway. My lining is currently at 5.4mm and I have 7 antral(resting) follicles on one side and "several" (10 or more) on the other side. They didn't call me to say my estrogen was way off so thats good. They said everything looks great! I will start Stims on Sunday Nov. 27th, and my first monitoring appointment will be on Friday Dec. 2nd.

I took my last Birth control pill last night and boy am I glad to be done with those! I have been told they have a really high estrogen content compared to the birth control pills people are usually put on for contraception purposes so that is probably why they turn me in a bit of a bitch :). I think Daron is glad I'm done with them!

In other news I got the first coat of paint on the bathroom this week! For those who don't know, our bathroom has been torn apart for over a month now. I am hoping to get the 2nd coat on this week. If Daron ends up with a long weekend for thanksgiving, we will hopefully attempt the floor this weekend. I also got a coat of paint on the dresser we got out of the garbage(I love it when I find good furniture in the garbage!). We also got new knobs to put on the drawers, overall the paint and the knobs only cost us about $20 so I think we did pretty good. When I either 1.quit being too lazy to do it or 2. talk Daron into doing it I will put up those long promised pictures, and yes I will catch up on all the pictures I have been promising.

Now just for the fun of it, Daron claims he reads my blog, however I call BS. I think he may be getting a quiz later to see if he really does or not :). All in good fun, I really do love him (Even if he doesn't read my blog)!


Rebecca said...

How funny. I quizzed DH about my blog the other day.......he passed though!

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