Friday, November 18, 2011

Ok, I'm finally going to quit being lazy and do a real post. I started lupron yesterday and so far it has been going just fine. The only issue is a bit of itching around the injection site which I had last cycle as well for the first few days. Really no big deal at all. My baseline ultrasound is on Monday and then I get to look forward to probably about a week off and then most likely monitoring ultrasounds every other day or so. I really don't have much to report this time around as I've already does this once and really nothing is changing for this cycle.

I do have to say I'm actually getting excited about this cycle now that I've started injections and I really can't wait to go in on Monday and see what my ovaries and uterus are looking like for this cycle. I am also really excited to start stims(gonal-f) this time around and see how I respond this time. What a world it is when I am excited to start injecting myself with hormones and have my private parts routinely invaded with an ultrasound probe :).

I have been doing acupuncture for almost a month now. It is very relaxing for me and I hope it is helping a little. I have to say it is quite the expensive habit though. I plan on continuing it throughout this cycle, but haven't yet decided if it is worthwhile in other ways that I want to continue it after that. If nothing else for this cycle it makes me take a half hour twice a week to just relax and clear my mind. Insurance will pay for half of it so I guess its not so bad.

I also tried Reiki earlier this month. Reiki is a type of energy work that balances you and opens your chakras(energy centers). I absolutely loved it! It was the most relaxing thing I have ever done and is something I would definitely like to continue. It is supposed to work kind of like acupuncture except without the needles. It is also supposed to be a great complement to acupuncture so I figure for now I will do both and hopefully things will improve faster.

From now on I will try not to be so lazy and update more often. I really want to start throwing some non IVF posts into the mix too but again the laziness is just so much easier!


Rebecca said...

I love your new layout. Looking forward to most posts. I've been posting a lot more lately too. GL at baseline!!

Anonymous said...

Hello I found your link on Baby center and just had to leave you a comment with some possitive thoughts :) I am 33 & DH 30 My DH Has Azospermia also due to a CAV. We also had a testicular biopsy to retrieve our "swim team" Our First IVF failed and we had no eggs left to freeze. After taking some time off we proceeded with IVF #2 with a new RE I added Acupuncture once a week for 6 weeks prior to and then through out my cycle.(they also did it the day of ET & Three Days after) I started taking a 81mg asprin durnig the cycle to avaoid any unforseen clotting issues RE said asprin couldn't hurt ;) I also did stress releif exercises and tried very hard to be light hearted and stay possitive. My Stimulation was wonderful ER Great and 3 days later we transferred 3 embies one 10 cell compacting & 2 eight cell. 2WW .... 1st BETA 789!!! U/S two weeks later Twins!!! It was so sureal and wonderful after so many years of struggle. Our Gorgeous Twins Mason Brooks & Amelia Grace were born on 8/4/11 and are my whole world. So Stay possitive and I'm sure your miracle is about to happen! you can look me up on Baby center MasonandAmeliasMommy :) GL!!!! FX!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Rebecca-Thanks, it took me a while to settle on one. Hopefully I can find some time and motivation to create my own soon :).

anonymous-Thank you so much for your comment! It gives me hope to hear the success stories of people with the same issues!

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