25 weeks

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am absolutely in amazement that I am 25 weeks along. Even with my ever growing belly and a baby that really really likes to kick me, it still seems unreal sometimes. According to the apps on my phone our baby now weighs somewhere around 1.5lbs, and it certainly feels like it. My weight gain is right on track at about 9.4 lbs right now. I am just starting to have a little bit of back pain off and on, but thankfully prenatal yoga is helping a lot with that. I am still really enjoying my pregnancy and cannot wait to meet this baby. I am so excited to actually meet this little one that keeps kicking me. Baby really likes to surprise me, it will settle down and I'll think its done then kick/punch me really hard right below my belly button, and yes it makes me jump most times when it does this. It was also enjoying kicking Daron in the face the other night when he had his head laying on my belly.

My biggest complaint right now is that it is starting to get really hard to get comfortable to sleep at night. I tend to sleep really crappy at night and then end up feeling like a need a nap during the day, and I suck at taking naps!

We got carpet installed in the baby's room this last week, so now we just need to finish installing trim, install the window, and finish 2 more letters on the wall. I am excited to actually start getting stuff in there, and start getting some stuff up on the walls. My house is slowly getting organized, and we only have a few more projects to finish now. I have a bunch of things to plant in the garden this weekend and then in another week or 2 I will be ready to plant everything else. My typical attire when its hot and I'm working outside is a swimsuit top and shorts, and you know what, this pregnant lady decided I'm not afraid to stick with that(at least for now). I'm perfectly OK with showing off my bare pregnant belly.

We have been thinking more lately about how we want our birth to go, and things we would like to happen. I'm planning on a natural birth and would really like to avoid any drugs. I would also like to avoid an IV if at all possible. We are only like 5 minutes from the hospital so I am comfortable with and hoping to stay at home for as long as possible, which will hopefully be made easier with our doula here. I am not expecting childbirth to be easy, but I am comfortable with my own body and my body's ability to do this. I am also comfortable with my mental ability to cope, and have realized over the course of the last year, how much control our mind has over our body. I have to admit it drives me a little bit crazy when people look at me like I'm stupid for wanting a natural birth or like I'm crazy for not wanting medication. Sometimes when they even come out and say that they think I'm crazy for wanting a natural birth. I realize there are things that can go wrong, and I realize that plans can change, I mean I'm not stupid :). I'm not afraid of a challenge though, and personally I want to be in control of every aspect of my body during birth if at all possible. I'm not expecting it to be painless, I mean come on now. I am expecting pain, but I am also trying to prepare my body to deal with that pain without drugs. Most of all I am expecting that no matter how bad the pain is it will all be worth it when it's over. I mean I get to meet my baby! My biggest fear about my birth is for what I want to be ignored. So far though I am confident in my doctor and hope that won't be the case.


jovan said...

It took me forever, but I'm caught up on your blog! I had heard bits and pieces of this journey when I've stopped into F&F, but didn't know what was true/rumor. Either way, I'm so sorry things haven't gone as planned for you two, but you"re both just as determined as I knew you'd be. I couldn't imagine you guys without children, I expected you to have a family from the minute you guys started dating!! :) I'm so happy things are finally falling into place. You WILL move back to the country, town sucks! (There's quite a few reasonable properties near us, hint, hint). Although your pregnancy has been uneventful, its good! I was in preterm labor at some point with all three girls and it was terrifying, but my body did what it was supposed to do and carried each of them to term! And speaking of bodies... you CAN deliver naturally! Its really not as bad as people make it out to be! I got an epidural with #1 and it wore off by delivery. #2 didn't give me a chance for anything at all. Then #3, I had the opportunity for meds, but decided against it since I had already done it once before. Honestly, naturally was the best way to go for me, my body knew just what to do and yours will to! If its in the stars for us to have another baby, which it seems may not be, i'd surely go natural again! Good luck to all three of you, the future looks bright! :)

Sarah said...

Jovan, thanks for the comment. It will probably be about 5 years or so before we actually start looking for a place. I'm just glad we are close to the edge of town it makes it that much better.

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