After the Loss

Friday, September 2, 2011

We went through the visitation and the burial and started our grieving process. TTC had been put on the back burner while we were going through this and hadn't even been thought of. Now we thought it has to happen soon we lost one life and are going to bring a new one into the world soon. So we kept trying. Month after month still nothing.

Fast forward to The end of the summer of 2010 and I decide to go on birth control again, because I don't feel like we are in a good place in our marriage to have a child. I'm on it for a few of months while we get things figured out. Then we start trying again. By then end of January of 2011 we decide its time to make an appointment to get checked we had been trying almost a year previously and have now been trying about 3 more months.

We make an appointment with my Dr. who tells us that because I have always had regular periods and never shown any sign of a problem we should start with getting an SA(Semen Analysis) done for Daron. Shortly after that appointment we take our orders over to the hospital and they give us the rules for giving a sample. Daron takes a sample over and then we wait.


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