The Hospital

Friday, September 2, 2011

Still at the hospital they have now moved my Dad up to ICU he is still comatose and they have had to put a wrap and a glove on his right hand because even comatose he keeps trying to rip out his catheter. My family is all sitting in the hallway exhausted, emotional and not really knowing what to feel at the moment. We are trying to call all the people that need to know about this and trying to make sure we aren't forgetting anyone. Time goes by and things become a blur. At some point the people at the hospital gave us an empty room so we have have somewhere to sleep I try to sleep but every time I drift off I can hear the nurses and I'm afraid its going to be them saying that hes gone. Of course I have been awake for Over 24 hours at this point. At some point I walk in to my Dad's hospital room to check on him and stand there talking to him. His eyes open for just an instant and he reaches his right arm around me to give me a hug. The rest of my family gets the same from him as the day goes on and amazingly he regains consciousness, though he still has no use of his right side. He is able to communicate with us by blinking though he still has no speech. We decide to ask him one of the hardest questions you ever have to ask a person and we are fairly sure he is going to answer no, because we all know him. We ask him whether he wants a feeding tube and as expected he says no.
At this point his prognosis is still not good they have told us he may only have a few days as there was a lot of damage done to his organs but they can't be sure how long he really has. They tell us that if we want to we can get him set up on hospice and take him home so he can pass there. This is what we choose to do.


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