And Life Goes Wrong

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fast forward to the end of February, nothing has happened yet, we still aren't too worried as we know it can take awhile, but we still can't help but be disappointed. My Dad(61) has been dealing with health problems and so we are worried about that. We soon find out that he has lung cancer and needs to start treatment quickly as it is progressing fast.

Then the worst happens, I get a call from my mom at midnight about 2 hours after I left her house. Daron and I had been there to help get my Dad situated after a small procedure at the hospital. He seemed pretty out of it but we assumed it was from medication they gave him. We both considered staying the night with them in case they needed anything from us but decided that everything should be ok. The phone call 2 hours later was my mom saying she couldn't wake him up, he had fallen off of the rollaway bed he was on and now he wasn't responding to her. I'm getting shoes on and finding keys as I'm talking to her, telling her to try again and to try and get a response out of him. She says hes still not responding so I tell her to hang up and call 911. They live in a rural area so I know an ambulance will take about 30 min to get there. I wake Daron up tell him i'm leaving and I'll call him if I need him but right now go back to sleep.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to get from my house to my parents house, I call my sister on the way and tell her whats going on. I get there and my mom is on the phone with 911 telling them that he isn't responding and has wet himself twice now. I try and wake him up without success, I check his pulse and his breathing which are both there. I grab his left hand and ask him to squeeze and get no response I grab his right and do the same and get nice hard squeeze from him. I take the phone from my mom and tell the 911 operator that I believe he may have had a stroke, that he is responding when I ask him to squeeze but only with his right side and he is moving but is not coherent.

About 5 minutes after I get there the first squad car arrives. We get off the phone with 911 and the officer goes through the same checks I did and comes to the same conclusion. We are now trying to keep him as still as possible until the paramedics arrive which is another 15 minutes. I call Daron and tell him to go ahead and come out, and I call my brother to let him know what is going on. From there most of the night is a blur of cops and paramedics, we follow the ambulance to the hospital and from there are told we can sit in a private ER waiting room.

After 30-60 minutes we are told that my Dad has suffered a massive stroke and is showing signs he also had a couple of mini heart attacks, they aren't sure he will ever come out of the coma he is currently in. We can choose to send him to another hospital that specializes in strokes but they aren't sure he would even survive the transfer. Or we can keep him at the current hospital and they can make him as comfortable as possible.

We choose to do what we can for him here.


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