IVF Consultation

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am going to kind of skim through the rest of what has happened In order to get caught up to the present so I can start posting all the random post ideas I have instead of just where we are, where we've been and what we're doing. Our Consultation appointment went great the RE(Reproductive Endocrinologist) Dr. G. Told us we had a very good chance of conceiving because I am young and perfectly healthy. He also gave us about the same odds as the urologist for retrieving sperm from Daron, 85% yay! He went through a brief overview of the process with us, answered our questions talked about the fact that we could end up with twins and even made the comment that we would then be getting (2 for the price of 1). I definitely like this Doctor. When we left I was told to call to report Day 1 of my cycle and that they would then tell me when to start taking a birth control pill. For those of you not familiar with the IVF process. Birth control pills are used in order for the doctor to have control of your cycle.

I started my cycle August 12th and they started me on Birth Control on August 16th. I then went in for a hysterosonogram(they use a catheter to inject a saline solution into your uterus through your cervix). This allows them to see your uterus lining and to make sure everything looks good. They also took all sorts of measurements of my uterus and ovaries. (It was actually pretty neat to see it all on the screen and watch as the saline solution filled my uterus, Daron even thought so). At the end of that appointment they said everything looked perfect. They told me to keep taking the birth control and the prescription prenatal and they would call and let me know what day we were aiming for to do egg retrieval since they have to coordinate with the urologists office.

A few days later I find out we are aiming for October 3rd for retrieval so they set up an orientation and mock transfer for September 6th, and tell me I will probably be starting injections around September 11th.


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