The Results

Friday, September 2, 2011

The day we got the results I somehow knew they weren't good. I usually work until about 6pm in the evenings and Daron sent me a message that day telling me to hurry home. I assumed it was because we had gotten some sort of news.

It wasn't good. They found 0, yes 0 sperm in his sample. Volume was great! That doesn't really make you feel better though when they tell you there were none. The Dr. said he really wasn't sure what this meant and gave Daron a referral to a urologist. So we call and make an appointment with the urologist. Then its on to more waiting. The day of the appointment the urologist looks through all of the paperwork we had filled out and turned in. He says the fact that Daron had an inguinal hernia/hydrocele surgery when he was little stands out to him and may very well be the cause of his 0 count. He then does a quick physical exam on Daron and informs us that YAY all the "plumbing" is there. He gives us an order for Daron to get blood work done at our local hospital. This will be checking Daron's hormone levels to make sure its not a hormone problem. The Dr. also tells us to look into what we have for IVF coverage in our insurance. So we make an appointment for 2 weeks from then to go over the results of the blood work. Of course this appointment gets canceled due to the Dr. being in emergency surgery and scheduled a week later, so more waiting.


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