Mock Transfer

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Orientation and Mock Transfer was yesterday. It was exhausting.

This part might be TMI for some of you. I had to go in with a full bladder to do the mock transfer. OK anyone who knows me knows that I have a small bladder to begin with. I get up at least once during the night to pee, more If I drink anything before bed. One bottle of water = like 4 trips to the bathroom especially if I'm not doing anything. I also have a nervous bladder which doesn't help things. I can do this though, I just keep telling myself that. So I take 2 bottles of water with me, pee before we leave the house figuring we have an hour until we get to the clinic I can drink 1 bottle nice and slow and be good. We get about halfway there i've drank half the bottle and every bump we hit I feel like I'm going to pee my pants. No good. We stop so I can pee and then I start slowly finishing the bottle of water I have finished almost the rest of the bottle by the time we get to the clinic. I take the 2nd bottle in with me, And we wait. And Wait. And Wait. 20 minutes after I was supposed to be called I ask the receptionist how long it will be because I really gotta go. 5 minutes later she comes back and doesn't know but can't let me go to the bathroom to even partially empty my bladder either. So I sit and squirm another 5 minutes. Then I say "Screw this i'm gonna pee my pants if I sit here any longer". So I go "empty" about 2 oz and oh do I feel better 5-10 minutes later they finally call me. Oh and look my bladder is plenty full for them. I am not looking forward to going through this again for the actual transfer. However lesson is about 40 minutes and 1 bottle of water is plenty for me If they hadn't kept me waiting I would have bene fine. Sorry about the details. :)


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