Follow up Appointment

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We finally get to our follow up appointment which really is fairly pointless. The urologist says all hormone levels came back normal which further points to a blockage causing the 0 sperm count. We tell the urologist we looked into our insure and do have IVF coverage but it has a maximum of $10,000. We could choose to do a surgery to try and fix the blockage but the chance of it working to where we won't have to do IVF is less than 5%. It doesn't seem worth the time and money so we are going to go ahead with pursing IVF. So the Urologist gives us a referral to an IVF clinic his office works with. The referral is to an out of network clinic for us but we do have out of network coverage with our insurance. So we look into all the clinics our insurance covers in network but settle back on sticking with the one we have been referred to even though we will have to pay a little more. We get a consultation appointment scheduled and on to more waiting.


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