Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My baseline Ultrasound was Friday. Everything went well, except for the nurse bruising me when she drew blood. Everything looked good though so I get to start stimming tomorrow. I will be on 225 iu of gonal-f. 150 iu in the morning and 75 iu in the evening. So that will bring me up to 3 injections a day.

Daron had to give a sample Friday as well. They called thursday and told us this so he wasn't real prepared. They said they like to check a 2nd sample just to make sure the lab that did the 1st did a thorough check for sperm and didn't screw anything up. Finding sperm would save Daron a surgery. However, they still find nothing, no little swimmers.

My 1st monitoring appointment will be Monday the 26th, hopefully everything is still going well at that point, and hopefully the nurse can get my blood without bruising me.


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