Starting The Journey

Friday, September 2, 2011

Well I will start by Introducing myself I am Sarah 24(22 at the time the journey was started). My husband is Daron now 26(24 at the time). It is October 2009 and we decide we are ready to start trying for a baby. We have been together since October of 2004 and Have been married over a year. Daron has a good job we are living in a decent house and looking into buying a house. I Graduate from college in 2 months, and it just feels like its the right time to start trying.

We start out not trying and not preventing so that we aren't too focused on it and when I am done with school we will start actually trying. Its exciting and its scary, but it feels right.

Fast forward to December and I'm done with school, I get my diploma and start looking for a full time job(my internship has a agreed to let me keep working even though i have graduated already). We closed on a house at the end of October and are all moved in and fairly settled. We decide to start trying a little harder. So I start temping/charting(though I really suck at remembering to do this), I buy some OPK's(Ovulation predictor kits) and I learn how to check my cervix and all the different signs of ovulation.

I give up on temping after the first month and a half because I can't remember to do it often enough for it to really mean anything I basically just concentrating on learning the signs of my body. So we keep trying.

The next several posts are going to be about my Dad. I know this is a TTC blog but losing my dad is part of that journey. It had a big impact on both Daron and I and therefore I feel it is something that shouldn't be left out.


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