Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love my husband more than anything. He constantly keeps me laughing. A few nights ago he had a cold and wasn't feeling very well so I decided to go with my mom to visit a friend in the hospital. He said ok because with the IVF stuff we don't want me sick. When I left the house he was sitting in the recliner we recently purchased. He looked about ready to fall asleep(that was at 5:30). At 9:30 I get a text from him to say hi. He then proceeds to tell me about how he fell asleep in the chair but then woke up because the chair had fallen backwards with him in it. Not only that but he then decided to lay there for about a half hour (hoping I would come home soon and help him up) before actually getting up. By the time I finish reading this story he has me laughing so hard I'm crying because this would only happen to him. At least he didn't try to kill a spider with the microwave this time.

And that is my husband. I am waiting for the time when I come home to firetrucks outside our house and him and our kids are going we don't know what happened...but heres the story. :)


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